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Imagine a world with no voids, no late night telephone calls from tenants and no dealing with viewings or lettings.

With Instant Cash 4 Houses Guaranteed Rent Scheme we take care of everything, and we provide you with a fixed guaranteed rental income from 2 till for up to 5 years. So you can get on enjoying your life, leaving us to look after your property as if it were our own.

Here at Instant Cash 4 Houses we can take the stress out of managing your property and can ensure you receive fixed monthly payments even if your property’s not rented out. instant house 4 cash offers up to 5 years guaranteed rent and will manage every single aspect of the tenancy during this period – with no monthly fees, commissions or hidden surprises to pay for.


This is much easier for landlords in comparison to other services, as it’s a contractual agreement between them and us, where we take care of everything – ensuring our landlords have complete peace of mind.

This innovative system means you’ll be protected against familiar risks associated with letting property and be able to effectively keep track of your cash flow.

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When you lease a property to Instant Cash 4 Houses, here’s what you can expect:

  • Your existing terms with landlords unaffected A fast and hassle free turnaround
  • A guaranteed fixed monthly rental income for up to 5 years
  • Your own dedicated Account Manager Much happier clients Reduced time arranging and attending viewings
  • And a healthier business for you Lower advertising requirements
  • None of the usual AST problems such as non-payment, eviction procedures or legal fees